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$32 million raised

Phase One Capital worked with a financial sponsor located in the northeast to successfully raise $32 million for the acquisition of a middle market craft brewery located in the western United States. Although the client managed a fund, the capital required for the acquisition was significantly greater than the amount of uncalled capital in the fund. The capital we raised ultimately took the form of redeemable preferred equity which was accretive to the sponsor's common equity while providing the New York based investor the risk adjusted return they were seeking.

$7.5 million raised

Phase One Capital worked with a family office located in the southeast to successfully raise $7.5 million to recapitalize one of their portfolio companies in the tour bus industry. While the original intent was to raise equity for a sale lease-back, active dialogue with the market determined the opportunity was more suited for a debt solution. So we refocused our efforts on private debt providers and quickly identified a group in Chicago that not only had experience in the industry but was also very familiar with the local market. We expect this initial investment to be the beginning of a long term relationship between the lender and our client.

$1.7 million raised

Phase One Capital worked with an entrepreneurial group located in northern California to successfully raise $1.7 million of interim financing for a $300 million greenfield project. The client invented a patented new process for manufacturing medium density fiberboard (MDF) from rice straw instead of traditional wood by-product. This patented new process has several advantages including producing board that is stronger than comparable wood-based MDF, requiring less resin, being formaldehyde free, not requiring the harvesting of trees and converting agricultural waste to a valuable consumer end-product. A California based asset manager provided the short-term capital the group needed to fund their operations until their financial closing on $82 million of institutional equity and $220 million of California tax exempt bonds.

$5 million raised

Phase One Capital worked with a $5 billion Germany based asset manager to facilitate a secondary transaction with five of their real estate fund-of-funds. The five fund-of-funds have a nominal value of $550 million raised from mostly retail investors in Germany and are invested in 10 different well-known U.S. real estate funds. For several months, Phase One worked closely with the client and a California based asset manager to execute this complex multi-jurisdictional trade. The final uptake on the tender offer was approximately $13 million of net asset value of which the investor transacted on approximately $8 million (in two separate tranches) in order to remain under certain U.S. tax safe harbors.

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